drive on the left!
links fahren!

Remember to Drive on the Left particularly
· Starting off from the side of the road
· Turning from one road to the other
· Travelling on a road with little traffic
· Using a roundabout
· Using passing places on a single track roads
To help you Remember to Drive on the Left, please fix the enclosed sticker in a
prominent place on the dashboard or steering wheel centre. Make sure it does not
obscure your vision.

20.08.2007, 17:59 ::

kumpel druh

oo tym razem wychodziliscie z hotelu czasami ;PPPPP
trzeba bylo wziac jakis furgon, byloby wiecej miejsca na tylnym siedzeniu ;PPP
20.08.2007, 17:41 ::


Dalej sie juz nie da co? :D pozdro :) :: Wróć